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Digital Illustration in Cumbria

As part of our graphic design service, we can offer our clients Digital Design Illustration almost anything.

Our Digital Design Illustration uses vector graphics to create town maps, complex city maps, infographics or simply add a unique graphic style to any project.

We have illustrated graphics from charts, graphs and infographics, to creating a set of digital map designs for a local town, guiding visitors with way finder totems, signs and fingerposts.

Advantages of using Vector Graphics

Vector images are the base of most digital illustrations in design. Some great advantages include:
Scalable without loss of quality
High quality when printed
Robust exporting capabilities
Usually low file size
Easily editable

Our Digital Design Illustration projects

Below is a selection of our recent digital design illustration projects

What is Illustration in design?

Illustration in design is the use of digitally drawn or illustrated graphics within a project, usually in the form of Vector Graphics.

This can be as small as the addition of symbols to represent ‘phone’ or ‘email‘, within contact information to enhance a leaflet design, or a fully illustrated story book or brochure.

One of the most common examples of digital illustration in design is a business logo. Graphic designers use digital illustration techniques to create logo concepts as part of their brand identity. As a company logo needs to be visible on all types of media, from business stationery to web design, a vector graphic is used so that is can be scaled to any size without the loss of quality.

Based in Cumbria, our graphic design team have the expertise to create digital graphics for projects of any size. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.

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